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HAPWORTH 16, 1924

Seymour Glass, age 7, writes a letter to his parents, his sister Beatrice (Boo Boo) & his twin brothers Walter and Waker. He is at a children's camp with his brother Buddy, who is 5. At this time, their mother is 28 and she and their father are touring as a stage team. This letter is on an adult level. Seymour advises his parents, expresses views on God, people and writers. He & Buddy have been reading adult literature for some time. He sends along a list of books he'd like to have sent from the public library, along with his estimate of each of the writers. He foretells the future: Buddy will be a writer working from a room that looks like the one he always dreamed about; he, Seymour will live to the age of 30.
... by Salinger

Fragmento publicado en junio del 65, en The New Yorker.


valeria ha dicho que…
"But where does by far the bulk, the whole ambulance load, of pain really come from? Where must it come from? Isn't the true poet or painter a seer?..."
Seymour, an introduction. Salinger.

ESE cuentito es impresionante. Mi librero lo tiene en inglés, junto con "Raise High the roof.." por 10 mangos, si no lo tenés avisame y te paso la dir.
Felicitaciones por tres mundos.


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